Monday, March 9, 2009

Two Cool Virtual Reality New Stories

First Virtual Reality Technology To Let You See, Hear, Smell, Taste And Touch

ScienceDaily (Mar. 4, 2009) — The first virtual reality headset that can stimulate all five senses has been developed. What was it really like to live in Ancient Egypt? What did the streets there actually look, sound and smell like? For decades, Virtual Reality has held out the hope that, one day, we might be able visit all kinds of places and periods as 'virtual' tourists. (Click on link below to read more..)

Human-Interface Engineers Create Virtual-Reality Experience by Letting Users Walk in Rotating Sphere

April 1, 2006 — A new invention allows users to explore virtual worlds while moving around safely in their real physical environment. Wearing a virtual-reality helmet, users walk inside a rotating, hollow sphere, while a computer responds by changing the visuals displayed in the helmet. The sphere could find applications in education, firefighter training, and entertainment. (Click on link below to read more..)

So who needs cars anyway?

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