Thursday, April 9, 2009

Watching LOST with A very Late Arrival

The TV show, LOST, has been going on now for five and a half seasons now. Suffice to say, it is a very involved and complicated show. For the first three seasons, the writers have built question upon question and left the readers to speculate. Now the mysteries are unraveling and long-time viewers are getting their long awaited payoff. However, viewers joining the show late will obviously never catch up. Here is what it sounds like when a veteran LOST viewer sits down to watch an episode with a late arrival.

Now….Who's that?

Ben. Ben Linus.

Is he Lost too?

What? No. He is an Other, I think.

Another what?


Oh. Is the guy with the beard another other?

No. That's Faraday'.. a physicist.

Who is Faraday?

He is one of the people that came on the ship.

A bad guy?

I am not sure. No, probably not.

And the woman with the white hair is...?


Faraday's mother.

Is Faraday's mother Another Other?

No. Maybe. Shhh.

What’s THAT mean?


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