Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rules of Flight

I wrote this poem years ago. I hope you like it.

 Rules of Flight


Consider this.

Consider that

the solution the dinosaurs found

when ice and cold surrounded,

and the demise of their race

was taking place

before their skeptical reptilian eyes

was to school themselves

in the rules of flight

and to retool their parts.

exchanging leather for feather

converting earth-bound bones

to perfect shafts of light

and taking wing upon the

north breeze that blew

They climbed the naked trees

and flew.

To dine on worm

To soar with locust

nesting and nestling

in warmer locales

the focus of still warmer locals.

much to apparent dismay

of parents

and all those that chose to stay.

Leaving behind bitter disciples

that became dust

or sun-bleached frowning fossils.

jmm 1992

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