Friday, June 5, 2009

Excuses for a Closed Mind


After listening to Obama’s speech in Egypt yesterday, I was amazed to hear how dismissive regional leaders seemed to be.  I was very discouraged how leaders seem intent on continuing the sad cycles, repeating history and the same mistakes. 

In order to help them in this folly, I have decided to give them a short list of excuses to use in order to reject any prospect for peace and security. 

1.  It is a waste of time to even think about it.

2.  It is not realistic.

3. We have tried it before.

4. We didn’t start this. They did.

5. First, they must do it. Then we will.

6. It can not be done.

7. Why should WE compromise?

8.  We are victims. They are the problem-makers.

9.  Who will pay for it? 

10. There will never be peace in the Middle East until they are destroyed.

11. They are not human.

12.  They cannot be trusted. 

I am sure this is not a comprehensive list but it is a very good start. Anyway, how many excuses does one need to destroy the world?


  1. Here is another I found.

    13. You don't understand. Those rules don't apply here. The situation is different here.

  2. How about

    14: no one trusts or believes the US or any US president(s).

    In order to make real change.....
    1)Gitmo should close ASAP
    2)With draw from Afghanistan ASAP
    3)With draw from Iraq ASAP
    4)Stop supporting Israel unconditionally
    5)Re-establish our Habeas Corpus NOW
    6)Stop meddling in other countries internal affairs
    7)Stop supporting the horrible Islamic regime in Saudia Arabia
    8)Stop supporting corrupt multinationals that screw the third world
    9)Stop acting like you are the police of this world and that you have the right to wiggle your finger at anyone who does you wrong.
    10)Stop over throwing democratically elected governments.

    Sorry to be a sour head but the truth is, Obama is all "Beautiful" talk but no "action"....

    I like his style a lot better then War Criminal Bush but change of style doesn't account for too much in my book.... :)

    Let me know your thoughts.... :)

  3. It is very easy to blame all the world's problems on the USA. But, yes, that is another good excuse for a closed mind. Thanks for your help.

    14. This is all the America's fault. We have no control over our destiny.

  4. I am sorry you see it that way... :(

    I do not think US is ALL to blame.... I also blame the Muslim world for their horrible dictators and terrible political elite. As well as huge masses of uneducated people.... That includes my country Turkey....

    I blame everybody including the US and as it is the most powerful both economically and militarily....

    The world is a chess game... it has nothing to do with you and me... we are simply small fish in a huge pond.... :)

    I am not taking sides...

  5. If you actually feel so strongly about America being the source of all the world's problems then why would you chose to live there and pay taxes. Is this not a form of tacit support?
    I had a friend once who refused to buy lottery tickets in Turkey because she felt it helped to support the Turkish military and its "crimes against Kurds." So much for big gestures. I am not sure the military missed any of her kurus but at least she had given some thought about it.

    I cannot blame anybody for wanting to escape oppression but surely not everybody is a refuge. In fact, too many of the best and brightest from the Middle-East have chosen to leave and it is precisely this group, the educated and the worldly, and the experienced that the region needs. Taking what they have learned from the West, (at least, the good things) and adapting them when possible to their home countries. When and if I ever return to the USA, I will return not as the person I left and I will, hopefully, bring back with me the best that Turkey and Turks have taught me.

    Anyway, that is a different matter. The post was about excuse making.


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