Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Şirince is a wonderful little Aegean village. It is 12 kms away from Ephesus or 9 km away from Selçuk. The village name was once Cirkince(ugly). In 1926 a governor of İzmir changed this village name to Şirince(pretty). The village is a perfect harmony of Turk-Greek culture as of the 1920's. Most houses built in 19. century or earlier when Şirince was predominantly a Greek village. On the narrow streets of the Şirince you can see women selling handcrafts of all kinds, olive oil. Villagers also make wine and grow some of the best peaches in the country. Do not leave the village without testing home-made wine of Şirince.


I would suggest going during the week because it can be fairly overpopulated on weekends in the summer. It is a pleasant way to spend a day, sampling the local wine and inspecting the village life.   You will travel from Izmir to Kusadasi , but be sure to get off in Selcuk, from there you can take a minibus (found at the bus station) which has hourly runs to Sirince.  Should you wish to stay overnight, there are some old Ottoman –style houses used as hotels there. The accommodations are quite pleasant but not one would mistake for high luxury. 

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