Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bird-Catcher and Blackbird- A Turkish Fable

Here is the fourth in our series of Turkish fables. I have left off the moral of the fable. In general, the meanings are either clear or open to your own interpretation. All of the fables I have submitted come from an anthology of pre-Republic Ottoman literature collected in a book by Epiphanius Wilson. HERE is a link at Google Books.

The Bird-Catcher and the Blackbird

A bird-catcher was setting his snares and a blackbird, flying by, caught sight of him.  

"For the love of God, "he said to him, "do tell me what you are building there." 

"I am founding a complete city." 

The blackbird believed this deceitful answer  and alighted on the net. Scarcely had he touched it, before he found himself caught. 

When the bird-catcher came, the blackbird said to him, "If this is the way you build your city,  you won't attract many inhabitants."


  1. This is new to me. I have never heard this before but very nice..

  2. What is your interpretation? It seems straight forward at first but I wonder who it is directed at? Government planners? or am I aiming too high? The city as a trap is an interesting twist.


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