Friday, February 5, 2010

Hazelnut Seller


Artwork by Nomad from original photography by peacetrain.


  1. I love the saturated blues and greens. Excellent work.

    How do Turkish people generally react when asked permission to take their photo?

  2. Thanks for all the compliments. My head is swollen!!
    As with most things, when asked with respect, most people are obliging. In fact, they respond better than I do.
    One time I was out with some friends on a happy Sunday- the woman was constantly taking pictures- mostly when my mouth was full of food or one eye open- and by evening she had posted them on her facebook. To me, that is obnoxious behavior.
    On another occasion, another friend took all her newly developed pictures out to the bar to show them to all of us. The ones with me were horrendously awful. Cadavers looked more attractive. And I happened to see the negative and saw that she had removed the ones of her with one eye shut and her mouth open.

  3. I think I would defriend that person from Facebook. lol

    I don't take all that many photos of people, but when I do, I try to be very respectful about what makes it to the final cut. I'd be none too pleased if people went around showing hideous photos of me, so I try not to inflict that torture upon others.

  4. There is a blog post about modern mores in this conversation, I suppose.:)


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