Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nasreddin Hoca and the Donkey


Last week, I shared a Nasreddin Hoca story about an elephant and this week, I'd like to offer a tale about a donkey. 

Despite being a devout believer, Hoca 's wit suggested a slight- but all too human- questioning of his faith as shown in the following story.

Nasreddin and the Donkey

After weeks of nagging from his wife, Hoca bought a cow. He was not overly fond of the animal but for the sake of his wife's content, he went along with her plan.

There was only one problem, he immediately noticed. His barn was too small for both his faithful donkey and his new cow.

Secretly he prayed, "Please, God, let the cow die so that my poor donkey can get some sleep."

However, the following morning, Hoca awoke to find his donkey quite dead.  With great reverence,  Nasreddin Hoca lifted his eyes to heaven and said, "No offense, my Lord, but after all these years of being God, you still cannot tell the difference between a donkey and a cow."


  1. Oh I remember this of my favourites. They're great aren't they? Keep them coming!


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