Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Temptation of Lipstick


I love the pleased expression on the little dog's face. Quite unaware that she has done anything wrong. How could you get angry really? Or rather, how could you STAY angry for long?

This photo reminds me of the time I fed a bit of raw chicken liver to my Whitey, my cat. (Yes, yes, I know.Big mistake in hindsight, but he was nearly taking me down for it.) Right afterwards, he looked like some kind feline zombie after a feast. 

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  1. Oh I just love it. My little Poppy came up to me with the baby tortoise in her mouth yesterday. I was horrified but Poppy looked so pleased with herself. I rescued the tortoise and luckily it wasn't harmed!

  2. I've been noticing little teeth marks in the few tubes of lip gloss I keep in my purse.

    It indicates to me that LE doesn't want to wear lipstick because I do, or because there are underlying gender identification issues as my husband believes, but because it is yummy.

    Not that I blame the boy. I remember eating my mom's lipstick when I was about his age...


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