Saturday, September 11, 2010

On This Day…

When I was in NYC a couple of years back I was amazed that when I talked to New Yorkers that I could clearly see- for all their bravado about being big city tough- how much this attack is seen on very personal terms.  For many people who were there on that day, witnessing the events first hand, it is still a wound that will probably never heal. Of course, New Yorkers are really a different species and unbelievably robust and dynamic.

I took classes not far from Ground Zero- although that term is, by no means, a small nor well-defined area. I would meander my way through the streets, stumble across something peculiar and suddenly be reminded of the event. A huge empty area in a crowded city, for example. A cross-beam left over from the wreckage now serves as a kind of symbolic survivor and gathering spot where people may stop and stare and pay their respects.  Some people took pictures although I never did. The feeling you got standing there- of an injury remembered- wasn't something I thought could be photographed.


  1. No-one will ever forget where they were or what they were doing when those two planes hit the twin towers. My daughter phoned me from England to switch on the TV. We watched in a state of shock. It will never be forgotten. I was flying to England the following day. People boarding planes look terrified. Many people cancelled their flights. The plane I was on was almost empty. Security everywhere was tightened up causing delays of course, but there was some kind of reassurance in that.

    It still horrifies me when I think of that day. I can't imagine what it must have been like for those people directly or indirectly involved. So awful.

  2. Ever now and then I see footage on TV that I hadn't seen before and it always strikes me with awe and horror how people's lives were thrown into disarray. A normal day turns historic and tragic.


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