Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bert Punishment

Bert & ErnieA TEENAGER caught shoplifting in Virginia was made to dress up as a "Sesame Street" character for punishment.

Costume store owner Andrew Perry caught the 18-year-old but rather than calling the police, he made the unidentified teen dress as Bert - from Bert and Ernie - and carry a sign saying he was a shoplifter, the US ABC News reported.

Mr. Perry said he did not want to press charges, because a criminal record would have harmed the teen's future. The shoplifter, who said the punishment was an effective lesson, had to spend six hours over two days in costume with the sign in front of the store, according to reports.

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  1. I love this...and I think more punishments ought to be carried out this way. These are times which call for "thinking outside the box". My only concern is that it makes poor 'ol Bert look like a shoplifter. LOL

  2. What a brilliant idea. Wouldn't it be great if it caught on?

  3. Regardless of the hysteria, shoplifting is a comparatively minor crime and a lot of teenagers pass through this stage. Still, it is breaking the law and we cannot condone it. So instead of tying up resources which could go towards solving more serious crimes, this seems like a more appropriate solution.
    What about Graffiti? What do you think would be a suitable punishment for that?

  4. Well I have mixed feelings about graffiti. Some of it is so artistic and pleasing to the eye that it can really brighten up a dull building or block of concrete. But other graffiti...obscene or just plain destructive, needs to be dealt with. I would actually get the culprits to clean it. It would be a pretty tough job and I think they might be reluctant to attempt it again....that's if you can actually catch the culprits of course!


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