Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drinking Water from Sewage

There are more than one billion people all over the world who do not have access to drinking water, while as many as 2.6 billion people, well over one-third of the world's population live without any sanitary systems at all. Additionally, in times of natural or manmade disasters, access to drinking water may spell the difference between survival and catastrophe.

In this TED lecture, Michael Pritchard, a water-treatment expert in Ipswich, England, explains and demonstrates his water filtration device, Lifesaver Systems, which makes use of nanotechnology to eliminate both impurities and biological contaminants.

Using a non-chemical nano-filtration hollow fiber membrane with 15 nanometer pores (it is designed to block viruses), the Lifesaver bottle can make the most revolting swamp water drinkable in seconds. Better still, a single long-lasting filter can clean 6,000 liters of water. Given the astronomical cost of shipping water to disaster areas, Pritchard's Lifesaver bottle could turn traditional aid models on their heads.  http://www.ted.com/speakers/michael_pritchard.html

For more information:http://www.lifesaversystems.com/index.html

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