Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh Really Factor



  1. Except the ones in Ireland. And India. And some other places.

    When I go the US, whenever I say "Muslim" in front of my nice liberal friends, they all furtively look over their shoulders as though I'd just said the n-word. "Muslim" gets bandied about so horribly by the idiocracy, people are starting to think it's a bad word.

  2. Most intelligent people's response to this O'Reilly remark was,"I didn't know Timothy McVeigh was Muslim."

  3. This actually sickens me. It seems to be a general attitude in the UK these days too

  4. Just wanted to add, this is a joke. Nowadays, satire and parody are so hard to discern from just another daily outrage.

  5. Yes...I kind of realised that it was satirical, but unfortunately there are really so many people who actually believe that statement to be true...very sad, and disturbing.

  6. You're right, Nomad. It does seem to happen more and more often that I'm watching or reading a "serious" piece of "news", going, "Is this real? No wait, really, is this real or a joke?"


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