Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Enough Already

For an analysis of the other documentation, see

In the end, I doubt very much whether this will convince some people, because after all, the president will still be a black man and he will still have been elected by a majority of the citizens. For some people that fact  alone will always stick in their craw.

Of course, now the tables can be turned. Let's see, Palin's graduation for university degree  in erm.. journalism. And her son's birth certificate- which will put to rest all those rumors about the faked pregnancy. Let's see Michele Bachmann's law degree from William and Mary. Because in both of those cases, it really defies credulity.


  1. I don't normally take any notice of American politics (or politics in general really) but this story about Obama is utterly laughable.

    Donald Trump - what is going on (with the hair as well).

    Don't get me started on Pistol Packin' Palin.




  2. Laughable? Brother, you dun said a mouthful. I'd say it's positively burlesque!


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