Sunday, June 5, 2011

Open Question..

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I suppose most of us have a regret or two. I know I do. Nothing major but there are a few things that I think I missed out on when I was younger. 

What about you? Let me know what you think.


  1. For me, lack of encouragement from my parents as far as my education was concerned. They weren't interested, so I didn't bother. I left school early before obtaining any qualifications, and any I managed to get came much later. I regret leaving school early.

  2. Oh, I can definitely sympathize with that. Also, I think I needed a bit of a life guidance when I was in high school because I could have used it when making decisions about university and majors. In some ways, I was lost when it came to my goals and options. My parents were totally against obtaining students loans- which is really the only way to go and they were also against going to art school. They thought such ideas were impractical. Never mind that that was really the only thing (at that time) that I was ever really interested in.

    I also regret not learning a musical instrument of some kind. I believe I have a good ear but I wasn't motivated to put it to use. Now I think that kind of activity must be a great way to relieve stress.

  3. Cassandra Was RightJune 6, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    My mother was encouraging and supportive about my college education, although she couldn't advise. My father thought it would be wasted since I was a girl and "would just get married." (I recently retired as a senior US diplomat) But my biggest regret is that I couldn't figure out how to go to the University of Chicago, and study with Carl Blegen. I most wanted to be an archaeologist.


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