Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy Turkish Postcards- Seda Sayan


When I picked up this campy gem, I really had no idea who this woman was.  Seda Sayan. This must have been very early in her long career. ( Early 80s?)  Besides the awkward pose in the mirror (making her look like a pair of Siamese twins that have not been seperated yet) my ever-watchful eye was attracted to the futuristic/phallic stand, the Charlie’s Angel hairstyle and the furry carpet. Why, it could be Graceland!

Information from Wikipedia:

She was born in 1961 Istanbul, Turkey. She started her career as an actress. She starred in several movies when she was young, the most famous one was called "Imparator" in which she was Kadir İnanır's love interest. She also starred in some TV series, such as: "Sırtımdan Vuruldum" (1997), "Evimiz Olacak mı?" (1999), "Hastayım Doktor" (2002).


She also performed in the comedy, "Hababam Sınıfı 3,5" in 2006, which received poor reviews. Now she hosts a very popular talk show on Channel D in Turkey, which is called "Sabahların Sultanı", the last part of this talk show had been shown under the "Sabah Sabah" title.

She has some musical albums as well. The most recent is titled "Bebeğim".

She is one of the richest celebrities in Turkey and won the best classical singer (female) in 1997. According to media-monitoring statistics developed by Ajans Press is the Turkish Media's "Entertainer of the Year", with a record count of 4,307 major media-mentions from January through June 2006.

seda-sayan-1 And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Seda Sayan today. Female celebrities in Turkey have amazing longevity and tend to age much more slowly than the average woman.


  1. !i think she looks gorgeous as usual,,,maybe that is strange but i do not care about calebrity's looks i admire them for their effort and hardwork,i really do!
    if you look at the way seda sayan has become SEDA SAYAN u would really see what does it mean"hard work"!
    i like her i luv her i admire her cuz she really deserves whatever she is holding now.but i think pple have stopped realizing her real worth.

  2. It is a sad fact about the industry that so much of a star's attraction comes from their physical qualities only. She is really one of the lucky ones since she probably looks better than she ever did. When you add to that how much ego is involved in performing in front of people, it must be difficult work at times. And especially difficult when people have grown tired of your act.

    I admire performers who know when to step aside and nurture a new generation of talent. That shows real class, in my opinion. Passing on the good things and blessings (and knowledge)to others in need is really what it is all about.


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