Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy Turkish Postcards

soldier Postcard

As I mentioned before, I used to collect Turkish postcards. In some of the small towns and out of the way places, you are likely to find all sorts of items like this.  I imagine that this postcard served a specific purpose – a soldier to his girlfriend back home.  Despite the skirt being a tad too high, and the woman practically smirking at the earnest serviceman, I found this postcard both odd and yet touching.


  1. Hello, these postcards are great. I've got some Turkish soldier stickers which are similar but are cartoons of soldiers thinking of their wives,fiances,family back home etc, These are usually purchased by military serviceman to send to their love ones back home. I prefer the turkish celebrity cards myself and also the scenic ones from the mid-1960s up to the 1970s. Keep them coming....Cheers


  2. Oh my gosh that soldier is my father. Where did you find or see this postcard? :D


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