Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Building Demolitions Go bad

Raw Video: Demolition in Turkey Goes Wrong - Funny video clips are a click away Here is a video making the rounds on the net. It is worth watching because I am sure you have never seen anything quite like it. I am sure those in charge of this demolition project must be scratching their heads. As you can see, the rolling building narrowly missed an apartment block next door. The building was located in Cankiri, Turkey and this former flour factory was built in 1928. This video was shown on the Today show, August 3, 2009.

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  1. This building demolition was screened on the news in Australia. Good to know that Turkey is getting favourable coverage for their demolition expertise.:)

    Quite amazing really. Often buildings in Turkey fall down without demolition teams.

  2. Looks like they hired lumberjacks to do the job. Thank goodness nobody was injured. And thank God, the building wasn't at the top of a hill or it might well have continued rolling!

    I have looked online for footage I saw years ago. I think it happened in Australia or New Zealand. (I could be wrong) Apparently they had used too much explosive and debris rained down on spectators miles away. Big Bang for your bucks, indeed!


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