Monday, December 28, 2009

Amazingly Bad Album Covers - 1

Lately we at Nomadic View have been getting too artsy-fartsy and high-falutin' so we decided to jump off the high horse for a minute and tackle the issue of trash. Namely, trashy album covers.

Bad album covers come in many styles. In this post, we shall examine the heavy metal genre. 

I worked in a factory with some guys like this. They worked nights, of course.

An apt title for an album if ever there was one.

This must be a record… erm.. for a record. Three examples of poor taste in one cover. But then who ever said the music industry had anything to do with taste?

Obviously sketched by the drummer in  rehab. I think I went to high school with that guy too.

If you can endure even more examples, head on over to Worst Album Covers. Next week, Nomadic View takes on religious music albums. Believe me, you can find some homegrown dillies.

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