Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Whenever I see something like this, I try to convince myself that it was intended as a clever bit of sarcasm. And yet.. the hair, the cheesy moustache, the bandana to hide the receding hairline, the recruiting of children to fill out the political crowd. Well, it all fits a bit too well.  Perhaps- being a bit more optimistic- this photograph simply illustrates the problem of a heavy reliance on spell-check and the growing lack of attention to detail. 

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  1. Would be interesting to read the poster being held on the right.
    Yes, what a clash of, well, everything!

  2. According to the article on, the man was a pro-war demonstrator.
    Sunday, March 23, about 350 pro-peace activists took part in a solemn funeral procession to the Boeing missile factory in St. Charles, MO. A team of civilian weapons inspectors dressed in white overalls demanded to enter the plant to inspect the US weapons of mass destruction that are being produced there. When they were denied entry, they sat down in front of the Boeing gate in protest. Later in the afternoon, 14 civilian weapons inspectors were arrested for blocking the entrance to the Boeing bomb factory.
    A hostile crowd of roughly 75, flag waving, pro-war protesters showered the silent peace protesters with insults and violent threats, but they were held back by the police. St. Louis Indymedia Center (which has since been reformatted and taken down)

    It's really weird but I swear I took one look at him and thought Missouri (I was born there)It was more than just the shirt too.


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