Monday, February 1, 2010

The Seller of Wisdom

Starting today and continuing  every week for the next two months, I would like to share some delightful Turkish fables.  All of these fables come from an excellent book on Turkish literature of the pre-Republic age by an author with the somewhat unlikely name of Epiphanius Wilson.

The Fool Who Sells Wisdom

In a certain village, a fool would pass through the streets calling out to all the homes and to all the people on the street, "Wisdom! Wisdom! Who will buy my wisdom?" 

One time, a villager came out of his home to meet him and presented foolthe fool with a small handful of coins.

"Sell me a little wisdom," he said.

The fool quickly pocketed the money and slapped the man in the face. Immediately afterward, he gave the man a long piece of thread.

"Now, If you wish in the future to be wise and prudent," said the fool to the him, "always keep as far away from fools as the length of this thread."

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