Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trashing our Beautiful World

Whenever I see pictures like this, I wonder what are thinking? We have been given a beautiful home world- so small and fragile- and we spend all of our time adding more and more trash (that will outlive all of us) and wiping out all of the other species with which we share this tiny planet. 

It seems that the predictions of the end of the world will be wrong. We will simply suffocate under our piles of rubbish.

Anybody know where this is? I searched the article (from where these photos were taken) and could not find any location. I don't suppose it matters. It is the same planet.

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  1. India?
    But also here in Turkey they throw everything on the street, in the forests, in parks, on beaches, a disaster!

  2. I've never seen anything like that in Turkey.In fact, I've never seen anything like that, period. It wouldn't be half as bad if plastic could degrade but when you think that you drink a bottle of water. It satisfies your thirst for, what, an hour or two but in exchange, the plastic bottle will probably outlive you. A plastic tax?

  3. How appalling that these children are reduced to swimming in trash for entertainment. :( Is this the life we're condemned to?


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