Monday, February 1, 2010

Üzümlü Köyü


Original Photography by Ali Cabuk;


  1. Hi Nomad
    I came in through Nihal.I find the pic of rural Turkey colorful & attractive.Turkey is a country with a great and long history. I hope through your blog I can learn more about your wonderful country.
    Pl do visit my blog.

    Best Wishes
    Ram from India.

  2. Oh is it not a painting? And, where's Üzümlü köyü? Anyway, lovely (blue) colors make me impatient about summer.

    ps- proud that you talk more about Turquie than me:)

  3. I did not take the photograph from which the art is based. I wanted to give credit to Ali for his original work. I think the photograph was taken around Denizli but I will have to check. Glad you like it, Nihal and Ram. There will be many more in the next weeks.


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