Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waiting and What You Think Of

I wrote this poem many years ago. I hope you like it.
  Waiting And What You Think Of
Somewhere a phone is ringing
Somebody is anxiously knocking at your door
and something is burning
or dripping.
Your kitten is trapped between the wall and bookcase
Your dog is happily chewing on that electrical cord.
You've told him a million times.
Your bird is feverishly picking at the door
of its cage
and stands every chance of tasting dangerous freedom
before you return.
Baby is climbing higher and higher
for that prize.
The stool is rocking.
A clock is ticking
and something tragic is about to happen.
Something is about to go wrong.
There's a letter in your mail-box
marked URGENT
the milk on the counter is turning sour.
Somewhere a phone is ringing,
You have left the iron on
or maybe not.
Coffeemaker on,
or maybe not
The window open.
A thief, arsonist, pillaging vandal
who's been biding his time
patiently waiting
for your departure
is now afoot.
A clock is ticking
and something is about to go wrong.
And then
The telephone is silent
and the bird has flown away.

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