Sunday, June 27, 2010

Football Acting Class

I wish players would realize that , in a age of slow-mo replay, this silliness spoils the game for a lot of people.


  1. Nothing annoys me more than this dreadful acting. Seeing Kaka sent off against Ivory Coast made my blood boil - and I'm not even Brazilian.

    I reckon that there should be a video referee with a link to the ref who basically says "Send him off - he's cheating".

    That would put a stop to it.




  2. As far as I understand it, this sort of behavior was possible because in the past, refs couldn't be everywhere and see everything and so faking a foul was possible (although clearly unsportsmanlike) Today, it is another story and football should reform to keep up with the technology available.

    If for no other reason but that it slows the game down and eventually, there's nobody actually playing football. Carried to its extreme, all the players will be rolling around, trying to decide which injury they are faking, and then making a miraculous recovery a few seconds later.
    Last night, I even saw the US team (Altidore, at least) doing his share of "Mommy, look!" behavior. Isn't that how they scored?

  3. It's funny watching little Turkish kids playing football, when they spend most of their time taking dives and arguing with the "ref" (usually the kid lucky enough to have a whistle). So much of it is imitating professional players' obnoxious behaviour rather than playing the game.

  4. Stranger hits the nail on the head there. Kids everywhere are getting all the wrong messages from these so-called professional footballers...instead of actually playing the game.


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