Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Night- Ceyhun Celikten

I am not great fan of Turkish music but I have to say this sounds pretty great to me. Just enough Turkish influence to add class without falling into the category of wedding music. 

If nothing else, this provides a good argument for dismissing the ban on YouTube. Everybody  should be able to listen to this native talent.  The next song can be translated as, "The Pain was Beautiful" but that could be all wrong. (Please feel free to offer a better translation.)

The new TRT-M channel should really concentrate on giving a forum for young performers with talent. There are so many of them in this country who go unrecognized. I suppose it has something to do with so many big egos who refuse to step down once they gone well past their prime… if there ever were  any "prime" years to speak of, anyway.



  1. OK...your Turkish Morning pic is no longer there...and it was before because I commented on it. Is this what you meant over on my blog? I can't of course see any youtube vids as I haven't bothered with a proxy.

    What is going on?

  2. this man is wonderful, excellent ability...


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