Monday, August 23, 2010

Close to Heaven


  1. oh my lord i could sit on that bench all day......

    btw loved the cat stevens version of hard headed woman, one of my favorite songs--

  2. @Amanda
    I am glad you liked it. The video treatment is somewhat annoying- like a uninspiring acid trip- but the song is still a treat.

    I know the purple blossoms are wisteria but what is the white? Is there such a thing as white wisteria? I suppose if I were going to have a scene in a film where one of the characters passes into the afterlife, I would shoot something like this.

  3. you know, i think there is white wisteria, if i recall correctly from visits to california. also - another tree that has that same purple as the wisteria is the jacaranda, a real show stopper.

    yes, this would be a perfect shot for cinematic afterlife.....

  4. Although it isn't native to Turkey, we have those trees here too. In springtime, the color really takes your breath away.


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