Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Many Faces of Lolita


Here is a sample of the many book covers for Vladimir Nabokov's book, Lolita. If this was a hard book to get published, then it must have been even harder to design a cover for.  To see the entire collection of book covers click HERE.


  1. The most unlikely one in the selection above being second down on the right.

    I'm not sure anyone can capture the character of Lolita successfully in a picture. I think we all had a different image of her in our heads.

  2. Absolutely true. The one you pointed out was a Turkish one! There was another Turkish one but
    I felt uncomfortable with posting it simply because it was way too suggestive and the model was too young.

    Lolita was only 12 years old in the novel but that model looked more like 9! Some of the covers make her way too old or too sexy.

    In my opinion it is very important to remember that the narrator in the book is telling his story and cannot be trusted as a honest story-teller. He was a victimizer portraying himself as a victim. If Ted Bundy had written HIS version of events in his life, I am sure we would have found the same kind of defense and misrepresentations.

    The last film remake was dreadful- although very well-made- if only because the actress playing Lolita was made to look a bit too sexy. This was Humbert Humbert's monomania and her attraction was his particular fetish. Lola was, in fact, a little girl. Kubrick's version was very interesting but I am not sure he understood the book accurately.
    It is a fascinating book in any case.

  3. Love the post! Nabokov had been a professor at my college and so had been beloved.
    I got you comment and was confused by it. Dıd you say you could see (or could not see?) the photos on my blog? I know there have been ıssues wıth blogspot and picasa as Turkey blocked many of Googles ISPs because of taxation isues as well as ownereship of youtube.


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