Friday, August 20, 2010

A Pre-Liberation Commercial


  1. i came across your site and when i saw your favorite book was the magus (me too) i just had to comment

    wonderful blog - really enjoyed my visit

  2. Thanks Amanda. Why not become a follower? Speaking of "The Magus"...

  3. Gosh, maybe it's the coffee that's upsetting my marriage! Here's I've been buying Nescafe üç-bir arası, when in fact I should be getting Nescafe iki-bir arası!

    This is so wonderfully sick and hilarious. I love the look of disgust he gives her before abruptly ending the conversation and going to work. Thanks for finding all this stuff that makes my day, Nomad.

  4. And he didn't even kiss her goodbye!! Sounds like the girls at the office are doing a lot of things better than his wife is. Is a "hot plate" some kind of kinky 60s euphemism for something else? Just consider all that insecurity and doubt and miscommunication that advertising stirred up.


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