Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby On the Road

Amazing footage from Antalya, Turkey.  With all the snide remarks I have made about Turkish drivers, they seemed peculiarly non-plussed by seeing a toddler in the middle of their lane. (But you'd think one of them might have stopped long enough to snatch the baby off the road. )

An illustration of the problem of babies having babies, perhaps.  The mother- a street beggar, I'd guess- has decided to make the grassy shaded highway median her rest stop (as well as a nursery). According to reports, the mother was later arrested. I hope she appreciates how lucky she was.   


  1. i was going to write about this one, so you are faster than me :).

    i dont know if the woman was arrested or not, but i know that the police gave the baby right back to the mother and this is very annoying.

  2. I saw it on BBC and they said the woman was arrested, but who knows? She looked about 14. They also said the family was sleeping in a park when clearly you can see cars passing on the opposite side. I thought it was amusing when the motorcyclists just cuts through the bushes too.


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