Saturday, September 11, 2010

Drunk Pilot Sketch

Here is a skit from The Dean Martin show, circa 1971, I guess. The drunk is portrayed by the late Foster Brooks. This was the last time in American television history when being intoxicated was seen as something to laugh at. Martin usually performed with little in the way of preparation and this clip shows him paying the price for it.

For my Turkish readers who are not able watch Youtube video due to the government banning, try:

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  1. I can't see the clip, but no matter. Dean Martin was always drunk wasn't he? And he was always typecast as a drunk. In fact I wonder if he ever performed sober?

  2. Although I liked Martin when he teamed up with Jerry Lewis in films, I never cared too much for that Rat Pack stuff. Martin and the others in that gang all seemed a bit too stuck on their past glory (such as it was) and quite over-stylized. In the end, performers like Sinatra became poor imitations of their own style.
    As far as being drunk, I was never altogether sure how much of that was put on, because people expected it.
    In any case, I did enjoy this clip. By the way, I revised this post for you, My dear! Check out that extra link.

  3. Oh's so funny. I don't know whether it's just me, but I find the "old" almost predictable humour the best. Some of the comics today just don't do it for me.
    I agree with you re the Rat Pack stuff. Too much wallowing in their own glory.

    On a serious note, a private psychiatric clinic where I once worked had an Alcohol and Drug Dependency Unit, which always seemed to have more than it's fair share of airline pilots...I'm surprised it didn't put me off flying for life!

    (By the way, a lot of my emails are not being delivered at the moment for some unknown reason. I sent you one yesterday...just wondered if you got it? No reply was necessary of course, but it would be useful to know as maybe I need to report the problem to hotmail)

  4. I recall the name...Carol Burnett..but don't think I was able to watch any of her stuff.

    I really loved Phil Silvers as Sgt Bilko. Brings back memories of watching it with my father when I was young. Also loved Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. I particularly loved the neighbours in their show...what were their names? Ethel and someone?? Can't recall


  6. Fred and Ethel Murtz. Lucy and Dezi also made a very lovely film (they made two or three actually) called, "The Long Long Trailer." Directed by Vincent Minnelli- Liza's daddy and Judy's hubby. In very vivid technicolor. A wonderful film and great fun to watch. My Turkish friends love "I love Lucy" and the Turkish channels actually tried to rip off the old episodes by translating them one for one. What a silly idea because nobody had timing and comedic skill like Lucy. I mean, seriously, "The Vitameatvegan skit"?

  7. Here is a short clip of the film I mentioned. For you, Ayak.

  8. This sketch became un-funny when it became all too accurate.
    Speaking of comedy, one of my favorite things was the old Carol Burnett Show. Especially the skits with the family. I don't suppose you were able to watch them in England but I loved them. A very strange mixture of humor and drama. (Then they went and made a crappy TV sitcom made by Tv studio hacks and ruined it)

  9. the unclickable link problem has come back again, Ayak, so im posting here hoping that Nomad will not mind.

    this is a youtube video. so you can just go to the youtube page and you will find an embed code. just copy the entire code and paste it to your blog. and that should do it.

    actually, you can do the same thing from the alternative link, the goofle video page.

    this was a funny video Nomad and thank you for sharing.

  10. Youtube is not visible in Turkey. That's why I included an alternative link at the bottom of the post. Still the instructions you gave, Jedi, work for all other videos

  11. yep, i am one of those fortunate souls who knows about the youtube ban, Nomad. :)

  12. damn nuisance. I will endeavor to include two links or a non youtube link whenever possible. And thanks for visiting Jedi!


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