Monday, September 6, 2010

The Eye-Witness Account

I love this woman's style of narration although, I suppose, in real life, she would drive me nuts on a day to day basis.


  1. That site is brilliant isn't it? Of course I found it thanks to you, when you posted the Red Army video....and I keep popping in there to have a look.

  2. The worrying part of this video is.. this woman doesn't seem all that strange to me anymore, given her situation. But imagine her as a traveling companion or a flatmate?

  3. Hmm...doesn't bear thinking about!

  4. I can't help wondering what, exactly, her daddy taught her that was suitable for this particular context.

    Narratives like this are so interesting. You would think it would be the events that stand out in people's minds, when in fact it's usually the person's own self that's the focus of the event, especially when it's fresh in their mind and they're still excited. We had a horrible thing happen at school last week that I didn't even actually see though I was close, and as I listened to myself telling my parents and husband about it, I was surprised how largely I figured in the story. When I had to write a statement a few days later and strip out all the extraneous information, like how I felt or what I was doing, the story was just a few short sentences long.


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