Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yoda- The Toy Strikes Back

Also be angry, I think I would. Be too embarrassed to take anybody to court about it I only would.

bye bye birdie

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  1. sn't that a dirty trick to play? And she doesn't appear to find much to laugh about, if the picture is any indication.

  2. Logically one would think, wow, Hooters has such a high profit margin they can afford to give away a new Toyota for selling beer!

    I think wisdom and Hooters waitressing probably don't go hand in hand, LOL!

    All in all uncool by her employers.

  3. There is a bit of frat boy/ Howard Stern kind of humor about it. But making a public fool of your employees is probably not a very wise idea in any case.

  4. that is hilarious!! i love the pic too...i feel her pain

  5. Former Hooters waitress settles toy Yoda suit

    PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — A former waitress has settled her lawsuit against Hooters, the restaurant that gave her a toy Yoda doll instead of the Toyota she thought she had won.

    Jodee Berry, 27, won a beer sales contest last May at the Panama City Beach Hooters. She believed she had won a new Toyota and happily was escorted to the restaurant's parking lot in a blindfold.

    But when the blindfold was removed, she found she had won a new toy Yoda — the little green character from the Star Wars movies.

    David Noll, her attorney, said Wednesday that he could not disclose the settlement's details, although he said Berry can now go to a local car dealership and "pick out whatever type of Toyota she wants."

    After the stunt, Berry quit the restaurant and filed a lawsuit against Gulf Coast Wings, the restaurant's corporate owner, alleging breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation.

    The restaurant's manager, Jared Blair, has said the whole contest was an April Fools' joke.


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