Friday, October 1, 2010

The Storm - Stormfront caused panic at the beach in Hietaniemi Video

Looks like something from a Stephen King novel. I think I would be finding religion really fast if I had been on that beach that day. The most impressive thing about this clip is how fast the clouds are moving and changing shape. As scary as they can be- and in the Midwest of the United States they can be terrifying- I love a good storm. Nature's theatrics.


  1. Used the link on your Huff comment. Nice blog. We watched one of my all time favorite movies last night: "Ship of Fools." You've probably seen it. I like it even more than "Talladega Nights."

  2. That was pretty cool! I get to enjoy some great views of storm clouds rolling in from over the ocean, love it when the lightning is within the clouds.

    It's raining now!

  3. What an amazing clip. I love storms too


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