Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ah, Sweet Memories of Youth

It is so nice of Facebook to allow you to stroll down memory lane with your former comrades and playmates. People who shared so much in your earliest days. People who have kept all the old photographs.. like this.

Mrs. McCormick's Third Grade Class classphoto

I suppose all of you need an explanation for this.

Well, this is the best I can do.

The previous year, when my elementary school class photo was taken, I was not paying attention and when the flash went off, there I stood with, with my eyes wide shut. I seem to recall becoming the whispered giggle of the class when the photos were distributed to the students some weeks later.

And thus, for the next year, I was bound and determined not- under any circumstances- to allow the same thing to happen again. Because, after all, being laughed at is painful. So this is the result.

My mother's reaction was "Well…. the least you could have done was to tuck in your shirt." Implying the other problems couldn't have been avoided.

Little did I know that my whole future life could be pretty much summed up between those two photographed events.


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  1. Oh...I think I might have posted a comment...or I might have just lost it...who knows?
    Anyway I was saying that I hate photos of me and am grateful that no-one I know on FB has posted any old school photos.

    Although my daughter has posted up some old ones of me and I always seem to have rather scary hairstyles!

  2. Well, hairstyle in this case is definitely NOT the problem. Still, I don't mind this photo so much. I find the expression on my face amusing and sweet. I could get away with that blank look when I was seven or eight. It's a lot harder nowadays.


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