Friday, January 28, 2011

Izmir- Pearl of the Aegean

IZMIR_Pearl of the Aegean from mr_cinar on Vimeo.

Map picture

Such a lovely place to visit and to live. Come when you can.


  1. Trust me when I tell you that Izmir today, at this moment, looks NOTHING like this. It is cold with spitting rain and blustery and there is some snow in the mountains that border the limits of the city. Pretty much what you might expect from winter in Izmir. Still, looking around at other cities, it isn't so bad. As long as you aren't forced to go out.

  2. It really is a lovely city. Hmm the weather here is just the same at the moment...but it's been a pretty reasonable winter so far hasn't it? xxx

  3. Yes. I shouldn't complain about a week or two of lousy weather. Almost any place north of this latitude has worse weather than we do now. On days like this

    I think back to those insufferable summer days when I was trying to remember like today. :)


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