Thursday, January 20, 2011

Narelle Autio

Narelle Autio grew up in Adelaide and graduated from the University of South Australia with a visual arts degree. Now based in Sydney, Narelle is a staff photographer at the Sydney Morning Herald. Previously she worked at the Adelaide Advertiser. She was the principal photographer for News Limited's London bureau and freelanced in the USA.

If you like this photographer's work, I invite you to check out a more complete gallery at :


  1. Fantastic talented.

  2. G-day Narelle, from yesterday here in southern UK. I just fell into your site via Ayaks Turkish Delight blog above.

    Hi Ayak! I can see you up there. Wave. Got here before me then!

    Sorry a bit distracted. Thinks - What was I going to say....Yes - What a stunning looking blog you've built here. Your visual artistry is seriously impressive and that's just at first glance. I'm an avid admirer of visually creative photography such as yours, and I constantly marvel at your vision as well as your obvious photographic skills mastery.

    Looking forward to coming back soon to indulge in your work more closely.

    You may also be interested in this link to another Turkish based ex-pat blog site I came across a few months ago. I do not know the blog author personally, but the lady has written some interesting posts and stories concerning her travels in Asia Minor - over to you:

    Back again shortly. Best wishes from up here.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Phil. I wanted to set you straight a bit. Narelle is the photographer of these pictures in that particular post. I like to highlight different artists, painters, poets, writers from all over. I also- when possible try to link to larger galleries of the artist's work. You can find more of Natelle's work, for example, by clicking the link at the bottom of the post.
    Stop by often and you will find other artists on show here at Nomadic View.
    Meanwhile, I'll be checking out your suggested link as well. Thanks again.

  4. @Ayak
    It was very difficult to find only a few for this post because there were many others that I found fascinating from her gallery. The dream-like underwater shots are very lovely with all the shades of color.

  5. ‘Good afternoon’ then Nomad, and thanks for putting me straight here. Truly! I was clearly having a ‘muppet moment’ last night when I crashed in and out again. I checked your ‘profile’ to try and better guage some background on your overall blog theme, and just assumed you were ‘Narelle’ too, from your post sub text. Maybe I was having an ‘N’ moment, I don’t know. Impetuousness - one of the many crosses us ‘mere men’ have to bear. When will we ever learn to look left and right occasionally…’before’ crossing the busy road to the pub?

    Narelle Autio is still a mighty impressive photographic artist though isn’t she. And your blog culturezine here, really does look very interesting. Thanks for posting examples of her work here for us. I ought to slink off now and remove the big foot that’s wedged in my mouth. I will return sometime later…a new and wiser muppet. Phil.


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