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Nine Newly-Found Nostradamus Prophecies about Sarah Palin



Previously unknown vaults beneath the ruins of a chapel in Orleans, France have led British and French researchers to a collection of lost books by the 15th century prophet, Nostradamus. Researchers were astounded to the references to familiar modern-day figures, such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

In April of 2003, construction workers of an apartment building accidentally stumbled upon a vast network of tunnels and chambers under the historic French city, where Nostradamus once lived. "The vaults had been sealed for five centuries," remarked local historian, Dr. Henri Fondue.

It was in one of these secret chambers that explorer uncovered the four books, stored in an ornately crafted lead chest. "I've never seen such a well-preserved collection of ancient documents. It's as if they were written yesterday but, "Professor Victor Lustig of Cambridge University told reporters. "there was never any doubt about their authenticity."

Apparently the books of the seer's poems were purposely secreted away, according to scholars. "We felt that the information had to be reveaedl to the public. What they contained seemed too important."

Regarding rumors that Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, French President Sarkozy and Pope Benedict were also mentioned in the prophecies, the researchers refused to comment at this time.

The Nine Palin Quatrains -with comments by Prof. Ernest Hardwell of Harvard University



Professor Hardwell:

McCain is represented as Son of Cain because, in Scottish, this, of course, would be its exact translation. All of the imagery in the quatrain is startlingly precise. The white haired warrior, for example. McCain was a Prisoner of War and forest battles could easily be understood as the jungles of Vietnam. The last two lines are clear enough as well.



Professor Hardwell:

I don't think anybody can argue with the symbolism contained in this particular poem. The word LASKA could be as close as Nostradamus could come to Alaska, where Palin was governor, before quitting. The black prince is no doubt meant to mean Obama and most scholars interpret two hundred and eight to mean 2008, the date of the US election.



Professor Hardwell:

Palin played the flute in her high school band and there is little need to explain how the word Rogue relates. There is a lot of disagreement to the exact meaning to the phrase "a child of foxes." I tend to think it is related to the Fox broadcasting network. Destroyers of the British Tea is a brilliant inside joke, I think, as it links the Tea Party a political movement in America, with the early colonist's revolt. Two prophecies for the price of one!



Professor Hardwell:

This quatrain was perplexing and disjointed but, in light of recent events, its true meaning becomes clear. It's important to remember that Nostradamus' references are more like signposts. Troopers at the gate, for instance, seems to mean "Troopergate" and Bristol is suggested in the phrase "pregnant daughter will call for abstinence." Black gold was more difficult but I think most people would agree that petroleum is meant here and finally, in the last line, the bay of the Spanish speakers? The Gulf of Mexico, no doubt.


Professor Hardwell

This particular quatrain is fascinating because not only does it give all the names of the Palin children and Sarah Palin's maiden name (Heath), but it also states the name of the city where she was born (a point in the Sand= Sandpoint and the state (Land of the underground fruit = Idaho). Curiously enough, the true meaning of this poem can only be understood when translated into English. Another sign of the complexity of Nostradamus' predictions.


Professor Hardwell

A clear reference to Palin's use of a helicopter to shoot wolves. This poem has long confused scholars until it was deciphered. Juno has the same sound as Juneau, Alaska


Professor Hardwell

One of Nostradamus' tricks was to code information but, even so, we can see the angram LAPIN, is actually PALIN. And HARASS could meant to spell Sarah. Willow is of course the name of one of her daughters. The Great Land is also the Eskimo name for Alaska.


Professor Hardwell:

Comparing Bristol Palin with Salome, Nostradamus goes further by using the phrase, Danc(ing )with the Stars"- the TV dance contest show which she featured in. He surpasses himself by stating that she would not win, coming in third.


Professor Hardwell

This quatrain is exciting because the first line contains the name of a famous Palin supporter, Glenn Beck. The third line gives Beck's hometown.Nostradamus also predicts that greed and Palin will destroy his popularity.

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  1. Since Palin supporters refuse to listen to intelligent discussion and even seem to adore Palin precisely because of her anti-intellectual manner, I thought I would write a completely phony tabloid-like post that might make them listen. Sorry for the hoax.

  2. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

    Highly entertaining!

  3. Thanks, Cindi. Be sure to pass it on if you approve. I have other Palin things on the blog, scattered about. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Something most people haven't picked up on about her yet is her unabashed harmful views of even her children. Take Trig as the number 1 example. Tri-G is the shorthand named used for Trisomy G )Trisomy 21) by medical professionals for Down's syndrome. She knew he had it before she named him and "Trig" isn't short for anything as the child's name.

    Yeah, she's really that horrific of a person. As someone who knows her personally from living in Wasilla for over 10 years before during and after her term as mayor I have more experience with her than I would wish upon anyone.

  5. Regarding your Trig story. Ugh is about all I say. Did she think that was cute?? As far as any of the children, I can never keep the names straight anyway. It's like roll call at a Hobbit Orphanage.

  6. Geez I spilled my hot tea laughing over your post about SP!!!
    Wondered if her latest book - whatever its called, is being shipped to a discount store, ASAP this week. lol

    The info about her son, with DS makes me want to call child protective services, if this woman thinks so little of her own son. Makes me wonder if he is recieving all the special services for therapies? They can afford it so thats not the issue. I suspect there is so much more we would be sicken by her.
    The fact she chose to take a long flight home, while in labor, shows her lack of safety and concern when her last son was born. She put him at risk, right from the start of birth.

    I hope this seals her fate for never running for any public office.

  7. Anonymous @1:56, if you're sickened by what you already know about her neglect of Trig and her other children, sending them away when they were inconvenient for her, Bristol when pregnant, Track when he got in trouble for vandalism, and Trig was left most recently the day they did surgery on him so she could campaign for a Tea Party candidate in W.V. then go to a NY Jets game and sit in the owner's box on Sunday, finally returning to Alaska 6 days after his surgery. Why bother to have children if you're going to let everyone else do the difficult work in raising them for you? I'm not talking about mothers who have to work outside the home or even choose to work to make life easier for the family. Palin is a selfish woman who doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. You should read if you want a lot more info on this whacky family. I hope it's all right with the owner of this blog that I put up this website. I don't usually do it but everyone here is interested in Palin and they are a great source of well-researched info.


  8. Nomadicjoe, I forgot to add, I LOVE your quick wit and imagination in these tabloid posts! They're great! Will be RT'ing tweet that brought me here-Thank you!

  9. Brilliant! Best thing I've read on the net this week!


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