Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Die In Books

To Die in Books
His name, last name
Open parenthesis
His year of birth, dash, his year of death, the end.
close parenthesis.

Now he's a name in books, surname
Within parenthesis his year of birth and death
Down at the bottom of the page, or just a little on
His works, when they were printed.
A list, short one or long.
The names of books. Like birds in agony of death within your hand.

In the parentheses, a dash.
All that he was is there.
His hopes, his fears, his teas, his joys.
All that he was is there.
Now he remains inside these books
A prisoner in that dash.
Does he still live? He can't fight back.
You can kill him,  just there.
Behçet Necatigil (1916-1979)

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