Monday, January 3, 2011

Truths for Mature Humans

My personal favorites are:

Number 2- Definitely. And for some reason this happens more frequently when I am slightly drunk.

Number 4.- It would bring more peace in the Internet world.

Number 5 - Ask Martha Stewart. I've seen her do it at least 8 times and I still can't figure how she manages it. I get to step 3 and then it looks the same way as any other time.

Number 6 - Not really-except for signing things.

Number 8 - I thought I was the only person who thought like that. I feel cheated if that detail isn't included.

Number 9 - I think it has something to do with my breathing at night. Somebody said I hold my breath a lot. Maybe I am just dreaming about swimming.

Number 10 - This is a very important point.  I don't think I could have survived in Turkey if I hadn't cherished this idea in one form or another.

Number 11 - For me, it happens about 20 to 60 minutes after I get out of bed. Productive days are usually stressful.

Number 12 - I recently discovered that you can put a whole season of most TV shows  on one USB memory stick. Now I am thinking about another collection revolution.

Number 16 - Rarely happens to me for several reasons.

Number 17 - It's too shameful to admit- but yeah. Also on my messengers. It saves you from being in the ridiculous situation of asking somebody to identify themselves and then hiding.

Number 21 - That's not happened but I have had a radically opposing verdict about the film. It's like the past ME and the now ME are two different film viewers. The popcorn tastes the same, of course.

Number 24 - I think it has something to do with chewing. Cows always have the ability to maintain the same level of interest no matter what is happening. Until they stampede.

Number 27 - Beg to differ. Try a regular diet of spaghetti and you will eventually end up with freckles.

Number 30 - Be careful in Europe. I made the mistake in Barcelona of thinking I was walking on a sidewalk and nearly got mowed down because I was actually on a bicycle lane. It looked the same, only smoother.

Which ones are your favorites? And what are some of Life's lessons you have learned?

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  1. Favourites? Not necessarily..but ones I relate to because I could have written them are nos 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 14, 22, 24 and 31.

    No. 15: I always wondered why that happens..annoying!

    No. 18: Yes..why don't freezers have lights?

    No. 25: Ah..when I am listening to a Turk...I just know if I haven't grasped it the first time then I'm never going to. I'm embarrassed to admit I nod and smile far more than I should do because I understand far less than I ought to.

    And my life's lesson: Don't bother to get married more than once. If it didn't work first time, there's very little chance it will work a second or third time!

  2. As far as 25... When you live in a foreign country, it's something that you master, isn't it? The knowing look, the sympathetic look, the mildly amused look and the shrug are expressions I use whenever I don't have the slightest idea what is being said. The funny thing is it doesn't take very much to shift one into the other in case you have misunderstood the general subject.
    Interested look (Oh Wait! The cat DIED!) and presto! it becomes the sympathetic look. It's magical and all about eyebrow control.

  3. Yes but not just about the looks or different expressions. I've learned to say "ha" a the way one says it when one is listening, digesting and understanding...Turks do it all the time...and it seems to work for me!

  4. My favourites are 2,4,8,11,22,25,26,28 and 29.

    I am sympathetic towards cyclists though because occasionally I do ride my bike - and when I do I hate cars AND pedestrians.

    Life lesson? Tough one. How about this one:

    "Is it just me or is pop music becoming more and more crap every single year?"




  5. PM, Thanks for the comment.
    You can find some really good music nowadays but you almost never find at the big names music studios. I found some groups by using StumbleUpon and adjusting the interest for music.

    A couple of days ago I wrote up a post about MagnaTune and I think this is probably the only sensible alternative to the profit-over-quality model that dominates everything now. On the first of every month this year, I will be spotlighting a CD of the month on the sidebar, and you can listen to the CD for free.

  6. @Ayak
    There is also "hadi ya" which is sort of a mock astonishment. Quite useful at times.

  7. @PM


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