Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happily True

The flip side to this is.. it's always the things you didn't expect.


  1. Joe, you might be interested in this little snippet

  2. You know, I wasn't really planning to talk about the Palin Birth Conspiracy. Mainly because I have, in the past, posted a lot of silly jokes about Palin. I am sure knowing her famous sense of humor she would have found them as amusing as most of my readers. After all, what is leadership without the ability NOT to take yourself too seriously.

    However, now that you have brought this subject up, in my next post, I think I will take a serious turn and explore that subject. It's such a strange story.
    Thanks for the tip and I wouldn't have considered spending my time on the controversy until you commented.

  3. Sorry, I sent the wrong link; this is the one I meant to send:

  4. Thanks for that! I will pass it on. All of this craziness will soon be out in the open. There are two tell-all books coming out very soon.
    In a couple of months there are some very contentious emails that she did everything she could to prevent ever seeing the light of day.. those will be out.
    It's kind of interesting because, knowing Palin, whatever we learn will be more of a shock than we have expected. Check out this site that often write for.

    Also, I have just finished by summary of the whole Palin Fake Birth story. Thanks to you!


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