Sunday, April 24, 2011

Refrigerator Cat Dance

Time for some saccharine. Ready, steady… indulge yourself!!

Cute…okay, I'll say it.  but, niggly-picky person that I am, I object to the term "praying." When did praying becoming begging? I hope this isn't another intrusion of religion into our lives. Praying should be about appreciating and giving thanks and not pleading or deal making with God.

Well, rants aside,  I don't think this is what's really going here. This cat seems to be demonstrating how to open the fridge door, thinking, "Put that damn camera down and feed me!"


  1. Have you ever had people tell you dogs are praying when they chase their tails or turn in circles before lying down? Or that whales pray because they turn in circles? Something to do with dervişes, apparently...


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