Sunday, April 24, 2011

Strange things afoot..

April 24 2011

On my homepage, I keep a widget for tracking earthquakes in my area. Why? Well, I guess I am just that type of person. Anyway, since it has been watching for almost two years or so, I have never seen as much activity as I have in the past few days. Usually there are one or two points on the map.

However, the points you see here are minor earthquakes in the last 24 hours!! Now most of the blue dots are far beyond what most people notice, Magnitude 2.-3 or so. The green points, however, are stronger, in the 3.-4 range. Here's a wider view.April 24 2011.2

Although it looks unusual to me, based on what the map usually looks like, I couldn't find any scientific opinion on this latest news. I will keep looking. If anybody reads this and hears of anything, could you please forward it to me? Thanks.

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