Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sarah Palin and Crony Capitalism

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Up until the sudden silence in the wake of Joe McGinnis’ book, The Rogue, Sarah Palin had been recently making charges against the Obama Administration’s so-called “crony capitalism.”

Palin’s apparent strategy is to take all of the negatives of the previous Republican administration and foist them upon the present one. Whoever dreamt it up- and surely it couldn’t have been Palin- has attempted to use the tried and true method developed by Karl Rove of attacking the opposition with your own crimes.

Recently I have been researching the background of Sarah Palin and found that when it comes to "crony capitalism," Sarah Palin is the last person that should be throwing stones.
Research by LA Times reveals that:

  • More than 100 appointments to state posts -- nearly 1 in 4 -- went to campaign contributors or their relatives, sometimes without apparent regard to qualifications.
  • Palin filled 16 state offices with appointees from families that donated $2,000 to $5,600 and were among her top political patrons.
  • Several of Palin's leading campaign donors received state-subsidized industrial development loans of up to $3.6 million for business ventures of questionable public value.

So, What was Palin's relationship with the CEO of VECO Corp.- the Alaska-based oil pipeline service and construction company, Bill Allen, who is currently serving a three-year sentence in federal prison? Learn about the construction of an unnecessary sports complex which cost the small town of Wasilla and EXTRA 1.3 million because of Palin's simple mistake.

To read the article I've written, go to PoliticalGates

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