Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Question from a Reader

A new reader has written this email and I wanted to post it. Perhaps somebody here in Turkey can offer some assistance.

Hi there! I was just searching for reputed blogs on Turkey and find yours.
Right now I'm thinking on fleeing the harsh Bulgarian winter and travel to beautiful Turkey to a warm and nice spot.
These last days I was busy searching on the web houses for rent in the area of Antalya, Mugla, Fethiye... It is indeed a tricky task as there are so many web sites with tourist prices. And when I finally found some Turkish sites they were all rather dull, obsolete and hard to navigate through.
I wonder if you or somebody who reads this can please help me, does anybody know any efficient and serious rental agents or some way to get a nice house for a reasonable prize? We are looking for a small or medium sized villa for a 6 months period, from November untl April or March. I understand the area of Antalya and Mugla have mild winter temperatures. Anybody knows some other warm areas in Turkey to spend the winter?
Well, just to say how much I like this blog, it has many interesting pictures and political stuff!

Any ideas?


  1. Hi Edward!
    Thank you for posting my mail, hope this will help :-)


    Contact this woman. She seems to know quite a bit about property down around the Aegean...

  3. Thanks Stranger.. six Karma points!

  4. That's good, because I'm secretly envious of Being Köy for having her shit way more together than I do, and for being a better writer, and for having a far more interesting and fulfilling life.

    So I could use the karma.

  5. I was hoping you would pick up Julieta's request as she posted on my blog too.
    And Stranger is right...Being KÖy is an excellent blog and I am envious too. And the author is so knowledgable..I'm sure she'll come up with something

  6. "A Nomadic View" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  7. Nomad are you ok? Heard about a huge Earthquake in Turkey.
    Hope it wasn't near you...Keep Safe.

  8. I'm embarrassed to say this but I didn't even know how bad it was until my online friends worried whether I was okay. I looked at the news and the early reports were pretty low-key. It wasn't until a few hours later when the video started coming in that I realized how serious it was.
    Thanks for your concern. Everything is fine here on the West coast.

  9. Nomad glad you are safe. Sorry for the people who are not.
    You were the first I thought of.

  10. Well I thought I'd pop over and check to see if any of my comments were appearing on your posts. Because I am commenting but not receiving the email notifications or responses from you...which is unusual.
    Anyway none have appeared, I'm still having problem with Blogger, but someone suggested clicking on "post comment" 3 times and it works so I'm going to try. Anyway I'll copy and post this comment just in case and send it to you on an email if it doesn't work. xxx

    (PS. Well that didn't work but I got sent in a roundabout way to my Google Acct page and had to sign in again even though I was already signed in...and that returned me back to this comment...then I clicked on Preview and my name appeared...are you still with me? Then I edited to add this...which has made my name disappear so I think I'll have to repeat the process...aaargh...sorry to bore you with this but I'm using you as a guineapig)

  11. No bore at all, canim. I've had my share of blogger problems, as you know. As you see, your technique- whatever you did- apparently worked. Wonder why there have been problems. My computer kept locking up and went really slow all yesterday. Cloud computing, that is when you use online programs to do everything, is fine in theory but I am not sure whether Turkey is up to it. And sometimes I get all paranoid about a sudden slowness of my PC.

  12. Juliet asked the same question on my blog and I gave quite a comprehensive reply. I hope she found her winter idyll!


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