Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Lately I've been working hard at another blog  that deals with American politics. It's always an interesting but sometimes sordid and depressing topic. I just love the investigation, the education and the research. It keeps my mind working. Also I am an extraordinarily curious person. I ask myself why such and such happened, or what such and such means? And off I go. In my past life, I was probably an encyclopedia. 

English: Newt Gingrich at a political conferen...
Well, lately I decided that instead of contributing to somebody else's blog, I had enough posts (essays, really) that perhaps they needed a new home. The blog I had been writing with had a lot of readers, many of them well-informed and as curious as I am. So it meant losing my audience for the sake of independence. If blog owners are possessive, you can also find that long-time blog readers can be quite cliquish. (It's not the exact word.) 
If you are interested in American politics- and I'll warn you, I lean toward the liberal side- then I'd like to invite you to stop in and become a follower. 

In the next couple of weeks, I am posting my older things (mostly from the past year). In the fast-moving world of politics, anything from last year is pretty stale. I will soon be serving the newer vintage material this week. 
For example, starting on Thursday (March 1) I will have a two-part series which asks the question:

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan.
In 2012, Is Ronald Reagan Electable? (The answer, of course, is, NO, mainly because he is dead. But then the Republicans seem a lot more in love with Reagan now that he is not among the living.) 
But actually, the basic thesis of the essay is this: Given the general level of intolerance and the lack of compromise, who on earth could ever fit the bill? 

On the weekend, I will present another two part post which explains why, if there is a brokered convention in the GOP party this year, "Jeb" Bush is probably not a wise choice. If you thought Newt Gingrich has baggage, that's an old lady's change purse compared to this Bush. 

If you enjoy reading, or perhaps you are interested in being a contributing writer, let me know. Just pitch my your idea, and let's take it from there. In any case, do drop in and tell me what you think.

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