Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Controversial Shampoo Ad on Turkish Television

From the "what the hell were they thinking" file:

(CBS/AP) ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey's Jewish community is protesting a Turkish commercial that uses an old film footage of Adolf Hitler to sell shampoo.
The Jewish community and the Chief Rabbi's office on Monday called Hitler "the most striking example of cruelty and savagery" and said using his image in a commercial was unacceptable.
The statement also demanded a public apology from the advertising company "to repair the damage this commercial has caused to society's conscience."
According to Reuters, the Biomen commercial lasts 13 seconds and shows black-and-white archival footage of Hitler at a political rally. Hitler appear to be shout in a dubbed-over Turkish voice: "If you are not wearing women's dress, you shouldn't be using women's shampoo either!"
In all fairness, I have watched television  quite a bit and I haven't seen this ad. Whoever thought it was clever should probably not be working in the advertising industry.

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