Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lolita Mix

I found this clip on.. three guesses. It has dubbed over music which I normally do not like. However, in this case, the song has just right sound to match the scenes. By the way, this is Kubrick's version and not that wretched remake. Teenager by Camera Obscura For your birthday she sent you a card She didn’t sign her name she gave an autograph Now she’s trying to call your bluff Is she your true love? We knew the boy who went from Mod to Ted She asked matter of fact had he gone off his head He was uncomplaining as a tree Not a thing like me You’re not a teenager So don’t act like one Sure she’s a heartbreaker Does she have one? Is it down to me, down to me we both rarely speak? I went for a stroll after dark I thought of you with her while staring at the black I didn’t have you down for being easily led Or the girl well read I went for a stroll after dark I thought of you and her, I think I’m going mad Can you help me to see where I’m going wrong? Help me finish this song

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