Saturday, April 25, 2009

Entry from the Simon’s Book of World Sexual Records….

Reproduction (clam worm) first discovered

Clam worms usually crawl through the ooze on the ocean bed and don’t do much else. But when they start feeling sexy, they change into swimming worms so different in appearance that for a long time,  they were thought to be an entirely different species. In 1860, a Gottingen naturalist recognized that there heteronereids were sexual forms of the ooze-dwelling nereids. The males even dance about- often at new moon and high tide- during which they emit sperm and hormones released from the clouds of sperm stimulate the females to lay eggs.

A typical Friday evening in any major city is about the same.


  1. The idea of worms kind of gross me out.... but I must admit, I am a little curious to see one....

  2. Nomad, just in case you are interested there is a blogger named Aydin Orstan and his blogsite is dedicated to worms, snails and all sorts of interesting insects and amphibians.

    You may like to take a visit.:)

  3. Actually the above post was merely a cynical attempt to boost my blog visitor count with cheap sex. But it is very kind of you! There is another amusing post coming up about the world's most ridiculous example of sexual prudery. Any guesses?

  4. I am not too thrilled about the sex life of cockroaches unless they are turned on by necrophilia.

  5. Well let me guess....

    Anything about chickens???

    No I can not guess... I will wait..


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