Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kordon, Izmir, Turkey



  1. Oooh oooh, I want to come to Kordon now!

  2. Nomad, did you take these pictures? If you did, then I really love the first one! The cruise ship is literally inside the city... that looks pretty amazing.

  3. I admit that I did not take the photos myself. It was the best that I found in Google Image.

    In fact, the Kordon slightly juts out into the bay somewhat which gives the impression that you mentioned.. Having said that, the cruise ship is immense and is an extremely impressive sight as it maneuvers into port.

  4. take your camera for a walk like a dog when you have the time..... amazing images can be captures in the most unexpected moments...... at least that is what I try to do, when I have the time.......

  5. Hi there! I was just searching for reputed blogs on Turkey and find yours.

    Right now I'm thinking on fleeing the harsh Bulgarian winter and travel to beautiful Turkey to a warm and nice spot.

    These last days I was busy searching on the web houses for rent in the area of Antalya, Mugla, Fethiye... It is indeed a tricky tast as there are son many web sites with tourist prices. And when I finally found some Turkish sites they were all rather dull, obsolete and hard to navigate through.

    I wonder if you or somebody who reads this can please help me, does anybody know any efficient and serious rental agents or some way to get a nice house for a reasonable prize? We are looking for a small or medium sized villa for a 6 months period, from November untl April or March. I understand the area of Antalya and Mugla have mild winter temperatures. Anybody knows some other warm areas in Turkey to spend the winter?

    Well, just to say how much I like this blog, it has many interesting pictures and political stuff!


  6. Winters in Turkey are not balmy but a heck of a lot better than Bulgaria I assume. :) Can you send me your email (not to be printed here) and I will see if I know anybody who can help you. No promises.
    One general point to keep in mind. Most Turks prefer to do business face to face and the Internet or telephones is really not considered "Real"


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